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Our Business

Assos Consulting is a London based advisory firm providing business and management consulting services to national and multinational organisations.

Our services are grouped under three main service lines; Management Consulting, Solution Development and Business Development Services.

Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting Services brings practical, optimised, measurable contributions to the governance and operational processes of our clients. Our services focus on areas such as;

  • Research & Analysis

  • Governance and Monitoring

  • Process Management

  • Change Management & Transformation

  • Risk Management


  • IT Management

  • Cost Management & Optimisation

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Third Party Relationship

  • Audit & Assurance


Soluting Development

With our proprietory methodology, we help our clients to ensure the best available  solution sets  are identified and implemented. Our expertise covers areas such as;

  • Need/Opportunity Analysis

  • Solution Identification

  • Solution Selection

  • Implementation Support

  • Project Management

  • Quality Controls/Testing

  • Pre/post Implementation Support

Business Development

Through our network, we assist our clients in identfying new business partners and streamlining sales and supply chain processes. Our services include areas such as;

  • Market Research

  • Business Partner Search

  • Business Set - up

  • International Trade Brokerage

  • Deal Management

  • Outsourcing


Practice Areas
  • Retail and Investment Banking

  • Technology

  • Financial & Professional Services

  • Start-ups / Venture Capital

  • ​Manufacturing

  • Wealth Management

  • International Trade

  • Agriculture

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