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  • "The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the pace of transition to a more remote working and studying."


  • "Rapid change in operational and market conditions has been forcing organisations to be more resilient and agile in responding to operational needs and risks."

  • "The achievements in digital transformation journeys are now vital to ensure long term sustainability and viability of enterprises"

  • "Efforts to streamline business and risk management processes have been shifting to faster adoption of AI technologies and automation."

  • "Researches indidate that criminals are boosting their attacks at an increased pace to exploit uncertainty and changing work patterns"

"Bringing risk based and value adding solutions"

In a rapidly changing regulatory and technology environment, today`s businesses have been facing increasing pressure to operate with greater speed, effectiveness and efficiency whilst ensuring full compliance with a growing number of regulatory requirements.

In this context, Assos Consulting was established in 2014 with a vision to assist organizations aiming to adopt operational robustness and agility to respond to emerging opportunities and risks.


With our practical and transparent service delivery model, proprietary methodology and best practices knowledge, we  are fully equipped to support your business and bring effective, optimized and practical solutions.

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